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Creative Saturdays begin!

27 Apr

I came across this little notevenstarted cross stitch sitting in my sewing box today, which I bought in the Hobbycraft sale years ago and was a bit too intimidated by at the time. I was keen for some procrastination, and finished it hours later – with a very sore left elbow! Here it is:

2013.04.27 Cross Stitch - Christmas Teddy Bear

I think the hat ‘crinkles’ make it look a little evil, almost like odd eyebrows! Anyway, that is my first ever real cross-stitch done :) I am not sure how I got to 22 without completing a cross stitch. I did the children’s ones when I was younger, where you use 6 threads  at once and a piece of incredibly thick material with holes about 1cm apart. Surprising given that my mum was forever making cross-stitch anything…

It finishes at about 2″x2″, and uses only cross-stitch (which I had to re-learn) and back-stitch – neither particularly hard and after about three I stopped having to think about every step, thankfully..!

You can buy these little kits (fabric, thread, needle, and full charted instructions) from places like Hobbycraft from just £1 – I might buy some less festive ones for the summer months!

Have you got any cross stitch tips, suggestions, or creations to share?

P.S. I am away next weekend so will try and find something possible to complete on a train!