It did not rain on Mary Jane (embroidery)

12 May

It did not rain on Mary Jane
for she had a huuuuuge umbrella!

On the recommendation of Auntie Pippa I decided to try out a little embroidery pattern from LiliPopo. I chose Mary Jane because I thought she was adorable! Except for a new hoop and needles, the pattern was the only cost incurred as I had a piece of fabric and plenty of floss – yay :D

I was really keen to start so didn’t wait to get a proper transfer pen so used an old nail white pencil which should come out in a cool wash easily! It made it all a bit harder as I had lines which were rough and thick, and I was a bit worried the finished thing would be very messy as a result…

Using a nail white pencil to trace onto linen straight from a computer... not the prettiest result!

Nail white pencil + computer screen = not neat!

I love blues/beach tones and am not very keen on earth tones  so I spent a lot of timetime choosing my floss out of my mother’s old box! It was made even harder by choosing to use a navy piece of linen as the fabric – as I now had to pick a colour for her face…

It probably took me about 15 hours in total but I am a complete amateur and did it over several days and while multitasking so not sure… but it is my first ever free-stitch embroidery :) It only used backstitch and split stitch but it helped me to get a good feel for basic handling of floss by the end, I think.

All finished :)

All finished :)

Colours used (DMC): hair 433, skin 407, umbrella 826 (outside – inside is unknown), dress 611. The fabric is a navy linen from a sale!

I have already planned what to do with it, and pre-cut the fabric to fit – but it will remain a secret til I have my sewing machine… watch this space!

This is a 12cm embroidery hoop, for scale!

This is a 12cm embroidery hoop, for scale!

P.S. Do check out LiliPopo’s blog and etsy shop – there’s a load of cute patterns and she also sells some nice finished items – it’d be nice to see what anyone else has done with her patterns. Future embroidery suggestions are also welcome as I have a newfound love for it :)

Edit: on the recommendation of Megan via the comments (whose awesome cooking/sewing blog is here) I decided to put together a little slideshow of the photos I took along the way! I also made a template so I can quickly create new ones :)


8 Responses to “It did not rain on Mary Jane (embroidery)”

  1. Megan 15/05/2013 at 18:41 #

    I’ve dabbled in embroidery a few times, I’m a cross stitch person at heart, and I think this looks great! I would have been ecstatic if any of my embroidery looked this good.

    • Creative Saturdays 15/05/2013 at 19:01 #

      Thanks so much! It was really fun seeing it come together (I took far too many pictures along the way – I didn’t share them as it’d have probably been boring to everyone else!) and I was really happy with the result :)

      Do you have any cross stitch patterns/websites etc you really like / would recommend?

      • Megan 15/05/2013 at 20:07 #

        Well, to start this off, I’m pretty cheap. I don’t like to pay money for much, and a lot of the free cross stitch patterns are too cutesy. I got around this my downloading a free program that allows me to turn any picture into a cross stitch pattern.
        It’s called Cross Stitch Professional Platinum
        It works okay. It tends to make things really big, you can adjust the size to smaller if you want, and some things come out blurry, but I prefer the flexibility of stitching whatever I want.
        The biggest drawback is that the free demo won’t let you print, but I got around this by taking screen shots and printing those out of paint.

        And I’d say you could post a lot of those earlier photos as a kind of tutorial. I like seeing the photos of how something came together.

      • Creative Saturdays 17/05/2013 at 15:10 #

        Thank you Megan! That is a really really awesome website, now trying to decide what I can convert to use – too much choice :S

        I’ve decided to try and make a little slideshow of the photos, so it can be neat on my page, should be up soon…

  2. Kate 17/05/2013 at 20:38 #

    Oh she looks beautiful! I think 15 hours is pretty good going. I love to see my patterns embroidered by other people. Love the colours x

    • EmilyAnn Frances 30/03/2014 at 08:32 #

      For a first time project this came out very well! Thanks for liking my post on buttonholes. I’ve read your “About” page, too. I agree 100% that we all need creative outlets to express our ideas. It adds such a richness and enjoyment to life.


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