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Cross-stitch: Father’s Day card

11 Jun

(Late post, it’s been a bit of a hectic weekend making arrangements for the new job!)

I wanted to cross-stitch my dad a nice Father’s day card, but I couldn’t find any that were both appropriate and would arrive in time for the weekend just gone. I might keep a eye out for a tatty teddy or something one next year. I chose this fairly simple one with a pretty border around some writing:

Free Father's Day chart from You Sew Should

Free Father’s Day chart from You Sew Should

It really didn’t take very long at all, probably about 5-6 hours in all – I like projects which can be done in a day :)

His favourite colours are red, white, and blue, making thread selection easy!

The border done :)

The border done :)

I couldn’t find a card with a 3×4″ hole in it, in which I wanted to display the finished piece. Instead I got a 4×5″ plain card from Paperchase and did some not-very-straight cutting out to make a window, and taped it in:

The card all ready to be put in the envelope, nice and simple :)

The card all ready to be put in the envelope, nice and simple :)

The back of my cross-stitch  - I want to show off how neat it is!

The back of my cross-stitch – I want to show off how neat it is!

Are you giving your dad something handmade this Father’s Day?


A new job! sewing machine should follow shortly…

5 Jun

Ive just been offered a short-term public sector job which is likely to turn into a longer-term deal, which may well lead me into exactly the area I want to be in! It is very exciting because it means that on my first payday I can reward myself with a shiny new sewing machine!

My local sewing shop sells a basic Janome for £99 which I am considering, especially as it comes with a 2y guarantee and means supporting a local firm.

Does anyone have any better recommendations? Basically a beginner’s machine is all I want!

A catalogue of thread – WAGH! And a simple cross stitch

3 Jun

Yesterday it was impossible to know which patterns’ I had appropriate colours for! I have my mum’s (full) “Anchor stranded cotton” organiser, but it wasn’t clear whether numbers were DMC or Anchor – some didn’t even have any! I decided it would help long-term to just spend a while writing/googling. Fun fun fun….

It didn’t take as long as I thought so I tried a little pattern found on Shona’s Place:


A really easy pattern for cross stitch or crochet, from Shona’s Place

I did it on white Aida (14 count) and it is really small so didn’t fit even in my tiny 4″ embroidery hoop properly! I also had to keep unpicking whole sections because of silly little mistakes but it still didn’t take too long at all – probably around half an hour for each section.


Using Anchor 45 / DMC 814 (Dark Garnet) with a (‘snow’) white blanket stitch

I tried to add a blanket stitch around the edge to prevent bad fraying, but managed to make it worse in some places – definitely need to practise! The corners are particularly awful, how is one supposed to negotiate corners with a blanket stitch on Aida?? :S