A new job! sewing machine should follow shortly…

5 Jun

Ive just been offered a short-term public sector job which is likely to turn into a longer-term deal, which may well lead me into exactly the area I want to be in! It is very exciting because it means that on my first payday I can reward myself with a shiny new sewing machine!

My local sewing shop sells a basic Janome for £99 which I am considering, especially as it comes with a 2y guarantee and means supporting a local firm.

Does anyone have any better recommendations? Basically a beginner’s machine is all I want!


2 Responses to “A new job! sewing machine should follow shortly…”

  1. pippamoore1961 10/06/2013 at 21:39 #

    basically i just have the very basic janome that i bought several yrs ago and its fine it does everything i want it to. not many fancy stitches but i only want basic and zigzag . janome appear to be quite popular at the momentxx

    • esorteragram 11/06/2013 at 20:13 #

      Ah it is good to hear that the Janomes are long-lasting even at the lower end! And yes, very popular! Thanks for your advice :)

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