His and hers: passport covers

9 Mar
Dad's and Mum's wrapped

All wrapped up and ready to be gifted!

For the last two years, I have been wanting to send my parents on a holiday. And I decided: what better way to give them the news than with some personalised, hand-made passport covers?

Dad's and Mum's

The finished products :)

I used a different approach for each, and started with the floral one: It was easy to pick the fabric for this, as I fell in love with it on eBay (it also comes in gorgeous red and blue, for only £2.59+P&P for a FQ from ‘thefabricfrieze‘ – click here), and I had some leftover pale yellow cotton with white polka dots which matches nicely for the lining.

Mum's closed

The finished product :)

I started using a pattern which is for an American passport. Although the internet assured me that this is the same size as a UK passport, I realised it was too big when I pinned it together. The pattern is from Unify Handmade and was really easy to follow but do adjust the height and width a bit. Including allowances, you need:

  • 15 x 22 cm of both your main and lining fabrics
  • 15 x 22 cm of fusible interfacing, two pieces
  • 15 x 6 cm of the main fabric, two pieces
  • 15 x 6 cm of fusible interfacing, two pieces

Then follow the pattern as it is – I used a size 90 needle to assist the machine through the tough bits. I am pretty happy with the finished product.

Mum's open - redacted

With a UK passport inside

Now for the male version – my dad is awful to buy presents for so you can only imagine how hard it was to choose a fabric! Luckily, ‘thefabricfrieze‘ also had some lovely shirt fabrics available as FQs, so I snapped up this one for just £2.95+P&P.

Looking manly

Looking manly

You can imagine how much of a nightmare it would have been to match up those stripes with the above 3-section design! So I went for a simpler design, measuring the necessary fabric size myself and checking this tutorial by 1hungryhippie to make sure I wasn’t going to make any big mistakes along the way. Again, size 90 needle! I enjoyed making this one but matching the lines up was difficult! I must consider getting a rotary cutter to make cutting more accurate, to make it easier in the later stages :)

The dimensions which I used (UK passport, remember) are:

  • 15 x 26 cm of both your main and lining fabric
  • 15 x 26 cm of fusible interfacing, two pieces
Not perfectly lined up - but I tried!

Not perfectly lined up – but I tried!

Have you made passport covers before? I’d be really keen to see some more designs, I might make one for myself :)

Also I am keen for recommendations on rotary cutters in the UK! Is it necessary to use one of those boards? I imagine it is?


7 Responses to “His and hers: passport covers”

  1. Pretty in Gingham 09/03/2014 at 23:27 #

    This is such a fantastic idea! And so sweet that you’ll be sending your parents on such an amazing trip :)

  2. natalie aka hungryhippie 11/03/2014 at 21:42 #

    Fantastic! Don’t worry too much about the lines, I wouldn’t have noticed anything. For the rotary cutters you absolutely need a mat, otherwise you have no base to cut on…don’t cut on your tables without a mat, the blades are so sharp they will mark it forever… I found some blades and mats on ebay . co. uk and also my local sewing shop (though more expensive)…. It will change your life forever once you make the swtich. LOL! Thanks for the shout out :D xx

    • Creative Saturdays 30/03/2014 at 10:27 #

      Thank you! I guess we’re all more critical of our own work :)

      I still haven’t got round to getting that rotary cutter but I’ve picked the one out that I want from John Lewis – just need to GO!

  3. RED 22/06/2014 at 16:03 #

    Cute covers! I’ve made a couple and I’m actually going to post about it on June 26 on my blog. I used a different tutorial but it looks like the same pieces/process. It’s sure fun to spruce up ordinary things with some handmade love, huh?

    • Creative Saturdays 31/07/2014 at 21:20 #

      Definitely! It is so nice to know that there is nowhere a passport cover like either of the ones I made my parents. I love your covers – I am so sorry I missed your comment when you posted it :) I love that you braved the type which has two fabrics on the outside, it goes really well (I was too scared of my wonky lines!)


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