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Baby quilt: with fleece? Help!

24 Apr

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I’ve only made a handful of items with my sewing machine,

My sister-in-law is due to have a baby in September, and I have decided to make a quilt. They don’t want to know the sex of the baby until the day, so the baby’s room will be beige.

I have this fabric (the beige) and have also bought a metre of a beige fleece to go with it.


From (click to go to it)

Now my problem is that there are fleece-backed blanket tutorials, but no fleece-backed quilt tutorials. Has anyone used fleece to back a quilt?

Should I still use batting?

How should I adjust a quilt tutorial to suit a fleece backing?

I think I may be out of my depth, please tell me I am wrong!


WIP Cross-stitch, and transporting a sewing machine

13 Apr

Can you tell what it is yet?

So, it’s coming along nicely!  Should be finished well in time for the occasion,  which will be revealed!

Now, about my sewing machine… my friend just got a new house and has got a dining table with wooden benches and wants me to make foam cushion tops for it, which is quite exciting as it would be my biggest project yet :) BUT she lives on the other side of the country and doesn’t have a sewing machine…. how safe is it to bung my Singer (tradition) into a suitcase with a couple of layers of clothes around it so it is snug and head off? getting the train and really don’t want to damage it!

Why it’s worth paying more for cross stitch kits…

9 Apr

They separate the threads so you don’t need to spend hours working it out, and even longer unpicking your work in the wrong colour later! Looking forward to starting this – just a sneak peek for now!


Does this show up as huge on screen as it does in my post editor? First post from my phone!

Portable sewing kit – gifts for students

3 Apr

My sister goes to university at the end of the summer, and while it seems a long way away I am sure that it will come very quickly..!

She doesn’t really sew but I imagine that a basic sewing kit will still be very useful, given how many times people borrowed mine at uni….

So, I want to make her a small sewing kit, using this tutorial from lotsofpink at blogspot.

I actually found it through another blog, tartankiwi, which looks like this (photo copied directly from her site)

I really like the fabric used on this one, and it might be a fitting ‘going away from home’ gift.

I also considered this one but I prefer the structure of the lotsofpink one. I’m posting it here in case anyone is curious though :)

It’ll obviously be stocked slightly differently for her than it would be for a sewer! Bit of hemming web alongside the dressmaker pins perhaps…! Do you have any suggestions for how I could stock it?