Why it’s worth paying more for cross stitch kits…

9 Apr

They separate the threads so you don’t need to spend hours working it out, and even longer unpicking your work in the wrong colour later! Looking forward to starting this – just a sneak peek for now!


Does this show up as huge on screen as it does in my post editor? First post from my phone!


4 Responses to “Why it’s worth paying more for cross stitch kits…”

  1. creative pixie 09/04/2014 at 21:01 #

    Part of me likes deciding which shade of thread is which :-)

    • esorteragram 09/04/2014 at 21:06 #

      I can see why it would be relaxing, but as my last pattern involved about 7 shades of brown and beige and gold, I am looking forward to treating myself with this one :-)

      • creative pixie 09/04/2014 at 21:09 #

        Yes that would be extreme as they’re all similar. I’ve seen a cross stitch project on someone’s blog recent that had literally 50 shades of grey – what a nightmare!

      • esorteragram 09/04/2014 at 21:11 #

        oh my goodness, just the thought of that nearly makes my eyes water!

        I guess looking at these threads/the photo that it wouldn’t be too hard to work out what is what for this one! :)

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