May The Thoughts Be With You

21 May

I am currently struggling to complete my self-assessment for my appraisal, which is at work tomorrow. I’ve been in the job for six months and am not sure what to expect!

Visit for loads more happy thoughts :)

Visit for loads more happy thoughts :)

Anyway, this led to me seeking out my favourite self-motivating book to flick through, and when I saw this page I had to share it. For so long I didn’t let myself be creative because I wasn’t good enough, as if anyone actually cares if the coaster/purse/hem doesn’t come out perfectly neat! It’s not what matters :-)

You should visit her website at as her stuff is so brilliant, and she has a motivating story to boot.  I met her at her stall in Portobello Market and she signed my copy of her book and is genuinely lovely. She also has twitter and facebook and I love her daily updates.  I want to post more of her work but I don’t want to prevent her site the  traffic she deserves, so please trust me and visit her!


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