My first me-made: A botched sorbetto

9 Jun

I did a search for free patterns and found the Sorbetto from Colette patterns which looked just about simple enough while having the bias binding technique which I have never used before.
I didn’t think I’d ever seen this blouse before but since I downloaded it I’ve been seeing it in loads of blogs!
So I bought and cut out the fabric a couple of weeks ago,  but it all went wrong as the fabric was apparently still a bit damp from the pre-washing when I pressed and cut it. Oops. I panicked about it here.
I finally encouraged myself to just put it together anyway and here it is



Sorry about the awful photo quality on that selfie! Must get someone else to photo me. It’s far too baggy I feel but it’s hard to see here.

Knowing full well that I had no intention of wearing it in public I decided it would be for learning how to do bias binding and then be a comfy pyjama top (that fabric is soooo soft) and it seems that I need a lot more practice but I did it! This was my first ever attempt at making a garment from scratch and of that I am so happy :D


And here’s a close up of the dodgy binding.  Tempted to either make my own or buy higher quality next time as while my technique the first time obviously isn’t great, it was made worse by the uneven binding :-(  and i asked for 3m but it seems it wasn’t enough for me to also bind the bottom hem so I just did a sort of double rolled hem quick attempt.
I misread the pattern so started my binding at the centre front instead of back, now I see why it should have been at the back as that seam is messy :-( (edit -I initially wrote that it did say to start at the front then I checked it again. Oops again)


7 Responses to “My first me-made: A botched sorbetto”

  1. wovenflame 09/06/2014 at 14:13 #

    I can’t imagine why the pattern would say to start the binding at the middle. Just as you said, it is usually started at a shoulder seam, at centre back, or somewhere in between. I’ve never heard of it starting at the front.

    • Creative Saturdays 09/06/2014 at 14:53 #

      Oh no you are right the pattern said to do it at the centre of the back neckline I just looked again! I feel so silly for misreading that :-(

  2. seesawyer 09/06/2014 at 15:58 #

    Oof, I know this feeling—my first attempt with bias tape was trying to match a two-way, 3:1 or more stretch fabric with all sorts of curvy edges and even a cutout with sharp corners, with your bog-standard zero-stretch cheap tape. It was awful, much worse than yours. I swore off using bias tape for the next decade, but lately have been tempted by the idea of getting a maker and making my own out of matching fabrics…


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