Sew Selfless September: my pledge

18 Aug

Sew Selfless September_bigger

Jess of the Sometimes Sewist has started a new thing! Sew Selfless September is about sewing things for other people.

My pledge:

I, MRR, of Creative Saturdays, pledge this Sew Selfless September to sew at least three items for my friends and family, including: my sister-in-law, my sister, and my boyfriend.

I am copying Jess’ target of three, as I agree that it is a realistic target. I’ve chosen the three people because they all have exciting things going on in September: my sister-in-law is giving birth to the first of the next generation of our family, my sister is starting at university, and my boyfriend is moving from Germany to the UK to start his PhD. It’s possible that these exciting things will leave me with less time to sew, but that is part of the challenge!

I already sew things which I give to other people, but it isn’t really selfless as I think of things I want to sew and the work out who I should give it to when it’s done. For September I will reverse my thinking – I’ll think of what someone would like, and THEN sew it especially for them, hopefully with fabric from my stash (though I don’t have any manly fabrics so will need to buy some for the boyfriend).


Want to join me for the first ever Sew Selfless September?

1.  Post your pledge in the comments on the Sometimes Sewists’ post, using this template:

“I, *name*, of *blog name*, pledge this Sew Selfless September to make *your pledge here* for *your intended receipt(s)*.” 

If you want to name specific people to make for or things you’re going to make, cool, if not cool, too.  You can see how vague my pledge is; no problem with leaving some wiggle room!

2.  Post your pledge on your own blog, and link it back to this post by using one of the badges below.

3.  Join the Sew Selfless September Flickr group.

4.  Come September, make all the things for not you and post them to the Flickr group!


4 Responses to “Sew Selfless September: my pledge”

  1. sometimessewist 18/08/2014 at 19:12 #

    Thanks for joining! Excited to see what you come up with in September. :)


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