Baby quilt: completed and gifted!

5 Sep

I have finally finished the baby quilt which I have spent LOADS of time making for my baby neice-or-nephew who is due in the next couple of weeks!

It is only a small (cot-sized) quilt, but it has been quite a big task for me – well lots of little ones which started around March

  • Find gender-neutral fabric to suit their chosen baby room theme (I went for this)
  • Work out what style / arrangement would suit the fabric (I went for one from Oh, Fransson!)
  • Decide what to use as the backing, and whether to use batting/wadding (frantic post here)
  • Buy new sewing equipment, including: walking foot, rotary cutter, cutting mat (excitement here)
  • Sew the squares and strips together (here) and work out how on earth to install a walking foot to quilt it (here)

Finally, the last stage was to use bias binding to finish it off – which I did this week. I decided to follow the advice on my previous posts (those in the last bullet point above) and only machine stitch one side of the binding. I think that was sensible and I am much happier with the result than I’d have been with messy machine stitches – even though the binding seems to have puckered the whole way around I tried everything to stop it (I even basted it). I gave it to the mum-to-be earlier this week and she was really happy with it :)


Click to enlarge

I used the Charm Squares Quilt tutorial from Oh, Fransson! which is a really nice design as it avoids teddy print overload.

As you can probably tell from the massive number of links to other posts/blogs, I have had SO much help from the blogging/online sewing world in making this quilt, and while it is not perfect I think that it is SO much better than it would have been had I just ebayed some fabric, found a pattern and flown with it. It feels very bragging/uppity but thank you to everyone who commented or even happened to have something on their blog which helped me – if I liked your quilt/binding post it was probably helping me get through this quilt!

I really enjoyed doing it, and would be keen to try another sometime, though I have two questions – I’d be so grateful for any help with either of them:

  1. are people generally able to quilt with a normal sewing machine? I had ok space with this with my Singer Tradition, but I was only using one layer of cotton with one layer of fleece. I’m worried a double quilt would get to be too much to fit under the arm of the sewing machine?
  2. How do I stop that puckering?? I had it flat when I was basting it :( 

4 Responses to “Baby quilt: completed and gifted!”

  1. frommycraftroom 08/09/2014 at 11:02 #

    Wonderful projects. Great blog.
    Happy you visited and liked my project(s).

    In answer to your questions above I think you can quilt on a domestic machine with a little patience. If you start at the middle and work out it is easier – I have made a couple of quilts and would say I am a beginner quilter learning as I go. As for the puckering I suggest a walking foot – it is suppose to help with the feed dogs.

    Perhaps try a video search if you don’t know someone who can help hands on.

    The online crafting community is generally very helpful. Let me know how you get on.

  2. Sew Breezed 21/09/2014 at 20:46 #

    You can definitely sew larger quilts on a domestic machine. I have easily quilted up to a full size quilt on my Brother SE400. I also have a Janome 7700 with a nice 11″ throat so I can quilt any size easily.If you are using thicker materials, check to see if your machine foot pressure can be adjusted. Mine can so it makes it easier when I am quilting thicker sandwiches. How did you baste? I absolutely despise pin basting and refuse to ever do it again. I prefer to spray baste with 505 spray. Not getting any puckering just takes practice basting until you get it down.
    This is how I learned to quilt initially a couple years ago… you can search for much more Also, if you can invest in some online classes, is also awesome.

  3. Holly 10/11/2014 at 11:07 #

    What a cute baby quilt! I’ve always wondered if people could quilt on regular sewing machines as well…


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