Laptop cover: Sew Selfless September

7 Oct

This is the last of my SSS items! I didn’t actually finish it in September, but that is due to a combination of: making the beanbag cover from my last post when I should have been doing this, then being ill, then my sewing machine going haywire after I’d only sewn about a quarter of it. Anyway, my sewing machine perked up again on Sunday so I decided to finish it and hope that it could still count.

Sew Selfless September_bigger

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My boyfriend has decided to replace his 8-year old laptop (surprisingly) with a shiny new, fast, smaller one since he is starting his PhD. He got a MacBook Pro 13″ (normal, not air). Ages ago he chose this zig-zag fabric without us knowing what to do with it, and when he got the MacBook I hoped that the single fat quarter which we bought would be enough for – and it turns out that it definitely is!

I decided to opt for an envelope-style, as he wanted it to be waterproof and I felt that needed something which was covered on all six sides. So this needed a FQ of outside fabric, a FQ of batting (I used quilting cotton batting), and a FQ of waterproof fabric (mine was navy nylon).


Here’s the stripes all lining up next to the flap:


And a close-up of the binding which I used to close the edge where the case opens to let the laptop in/out – it is not perfect by any means and I think the envelope style makes it a little harder to have neat edges – I wonder if somehow a zipped-up case might have actually made it easier to have all the raw edges enclosed and everything a bit neater? Anyway, I made my own bias binding for the first time! It was only about 25cm worth but still.


I haven’t written out all of my instructions but I kept all of my measurements and doodles, so feel free to ask, though there’s so many out there already that unless you are as fussy as me I am sure you can find what you want.

He is really happy with it and it kept his laptop dry when he and the contents of his bag got quite wet during a cycle in the rain (yay British autumn) so it serves its purpose!

I didn’t have any sew-on Velcro and my metal snappers/fasteners risk scratching his laptop so it doesn’t fasten for now, but the flap is just long enough to get away with that until I can get to Hobbycraft / John Lewis.

If that is allowed to count in my Sew Selfless September, then I managed to complete my task successfully! Though if it doesn’t I don’t mind much, as I was able to make plenty of things for people and three people have benefitted well from it :)


6 Responses to “Laptop cover: Sew Selfless September”

  1. Beth 07/10/2014 at 20:28 #

    I love that your boyfriend chose the fabric – nearly as much as I love that it survived a soaking!
    I think it should count seeing as you had every intention to make it in September :)

    • Creative Saturdays 08/10/2014 at 19:34 #

      haha thank you – my dad exclaimed that it was a silly choice of fabric for a man before I pointed out that he chose it… I’m very glad it survived the rain too!

      I will decide that it counts then :)

  2. sewchet 09/10/2014 at 07:50 #

    It definitely counts – you started it in September! I guess you’ve learnt that if you’re going to make anything for your dad for Christmas, you’d better check that he likes the fabric first:)

    • Creative Saturdays 10/10/2014 at 21:46 #

      Haha that is very true about checking fabric for my dad – good point! I am glad the consensus (of two. ..) is that it counts :-)


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