Dinosaur tails!

15 Aug

As I mentioned in my last post, I need to start nice and early to get all my September sewing done! I took part in Selfless September a few years ago but since four close relatives have birthdays in the first two weeks of September, I tend to dedicate August to them instead now!

I set aside most of Saturday to make these dinosaur tails for my nephew’s birthday. I love them so much… I considered only making one but his sister or friends will surely want to join in the fun 😊

I love the almost-neon green that I found

I used the tutorial from Running with Scissors, which is brilliantly explained. I made some minor changes:

  • I wanted them to be washable, so in each colour I made one additional version without the spikes and waist strap, and filled that one with the stuffing and sewed it closed. Then I made the one with spikes and straps but added a zip to the bottom seam before I sewed the two (almost)triangular pieces together along the long edges – and put the stuffed tail inside this tail cover. I think I only had 6-8″ zips in my stash but that worked fine since you can stuff the inside one in.
  • I added some medium weight interfacing to the spikes as my fabric was thin. I considered stuffing them but decided it would make sewing it all together more difficult than I felt like dealing with, maybe next time.
  • I am terrible at accuracy, so to give myself a fighting chance I made a “pattern” for both the almost-triangular shapes and the scales (and used bowls for the circles). Now I can make more whenever I need to!

As usual this fabric (and interfacing) is from Goldhawk Road – Universal Textiles (one of the first on the left hand side coming up from Shepherd’s Bush station) had lots of bright polycotton for £2/metre! I already had the stuffing at home – I bought 1kg online ages ago not realising that that is a LOT of stuffing!!

I really enjoyed making these, they were so much fun and I realised my thighs are about the same size as my nephew’s waist and so had lots of fun playing with them myself….

Two down, four more gifts to go!


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