Silk pillowcases and a liberty eye mask

8 Sep

For my sister’s birthday, I made her a couple of silk pillowcases using two pieces of 150*50cm purple silk and some matching invisible 50cm zips.


I love silk pillowcases – I bought one last year, then sewed one for my boyfriend, and the silk (from Goldhawk Road) actually feels nicer than the one I bought ready made!

I decided to add on an eye mask, using the tutorial from the red kitchen, but:

  • I used three klayer: liberty cotton, a black polycotton layer inside to block more light, and a fleece layer.
  • I added a second strap to go under the ears to help it stay on in the nught.
  • I added a second line of topstitching.

I do struggle to work out the logistics of the pillowcase, I put the zip in first on the short ends of the 150*50cm pieces, then use french seams on the other two edges – but the ends of the zips are always a little messy. Hmm. Any tips are very welcome! I also panic because the silk frays so much.

I’ll be giving it to her tomorrow, fingers crossed she likes them :-)


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