Peg holder

9 Sep

My sister in law asked me for a peg holder for her birthday. I had bought this fabric a while back without a clear idea for it, it’s a light upholstery style fabric but frays a lot!


Here’s how I made it:

  • I bought a wooden adult-sized hanger, and drew around it onto a piece of paper.
  • I added 2.5cm of seam allowance, and 35cm in length.
  • I cut out one piece of fabric exactly like the drawn shape, and another 10cm longer.
  • Cut the longer piece horizontally a little bit below the bottom of the hanger – a bit above halfway up the hanger. If the fabric isn’t very rigid, add some interfacing here. Then along the edge I just cut, enclose the two new raw edges using double-folded hems (as narrow as you can deal with).
  • Also add double-folded hems to the top (where the metal bit of the hanger goes).
  • Then I sewed together the three pieces, slightly overlapping the two front pieces.
  • It was gaping a little, so I added a couple of poppers at the opening, about 6cm in from the two sides. I have no idea why poppers are so hard to undo but I figure it is only necessary infrequently when wanting to wash it.

And it’s done!


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