New sewing machine – Singer 4423 (heavy duty)

26 Sep

I got myself a new sewing machine last month. I am still a fairly light sewer but I had a few reasons for wanting a new machine.


First, I had been thinking for a while about buying a second, cheaper machine to leave at my parents’ house so that my parents and my sister in law (who lives bearby) can use it, and I can have one for when I am home for Christmas etc. since I don’t drive. But, I figured rather than spending money on a cheap and low quality new one for that purpose, maybe I could buy a new one for ME and retire my Singer Tradition 2250 into that role?

Second, even though my Singer 2250 still works ok, I got it five years ago when I didn’t want to spend too much as I wanted to see if I liked sewing. After five years, it’s fair to say this hobby is worth the money! So I feel I can justify a machine with a few more features, like:

  • A top-loaded bobbin (it’s so good to be able to see the bobbin emptying!)
  • A sturdier construction – my old one bounced about the table so much things would fall off the table in the vibrations.
  • Three needle positions
  • Space for a second spool of thread
  • A bunch of stretch stitches
  • One step button hole
  • Super fast stitching for using the zig zag stitch to enclose seams

None of these are drastic, but together make for a more pleasant experience!

And finally, I had a tough month with stress, illness, and bereavement, so felt an urge to splurge on something to cheer me up a bit!

I found that learning to use my singer 4423 helped to keep my mind off everything that was going on, and meant I got lots of birthday presents sewn up!

I got an ex-showroom model from so it only ended up costing about £200, and I am so happy! 😊

How did you decide when to upgrade, and what were your main desires in your upgrade machine? I am fully aware that this will not be my final machine purchase…



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