Box bag, needle book, and trying to find a knit circle skirt pattern (!!)

28 Oct

It’s been a slow few weeks sewing for me, as work has been busy and I’ve been engrossed in a few books (my favourite was We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Shirley Jackson, I didn’t find out til after finishing that there’s a film of it out this year! Odd that I picked it up from deep in the fiction section of the library)

But I got the sewing machine back out this weekend, for a little bit of sewing therapy using only my stash for maximum satisfaction!

First I made a box bag, using the tutorial from Truly Myrtle. It’s a great tutorial and I’d recommend it! I admit that I can’t quite figure out the maths of it, so I made it exactly the same depth and width as the tutorial, but my fabric wasn’t wide enough so I used pieces about 10*17 inches. All the pieces were from my stash, the pink was from a FQ bundle and the blue was a half FQ from a charity shop ☺️


Last time I made this (for a sewing kit for uni my sister) I was too scared to add the handle, so I thought I’d try it this time. It was really easy to add but I think next time I’d try to make it half as thick as it’s difficult to hold it.

Next, I made myself a needle book for my hand sewing needles. I used four of these small rectangles I got in assorted packs from Durham market, some Vilene H630 for a little body to it, and some leftover white felt.

I didn’t add a closure as I’ve decided to invest in some Prym pliers and some non-sew snaps, so I want to add one of those when they arrive. I love this fabric so much, I am really glad that I found a way to use it!

I am slightly baffled by all the available fasteners and tools, but I am going to get the Prym love vilio pliers, some colour snaps, and a mini metal snap set including the tool. That should cover all my needs in the near future!

Then I made the second one of the circular pot holders that I made a few years ago (I cut out the fabric for two but only made one), but added a much longer strap this time so I can hang it up easily.

Now, I think I am ready for some garment sewing next! I have this stretch crepe – this shade of blue is exactly right for a half circle skirt to coordinate with some of my favourite tops (the black is a woven crepe that I plan to use for a skirt or dress)

My problem is that I can’t find a pattern for a skirt like this that seems like it would be ok for knits. I like Simplicity 1200:

When I read an article about things to sew with knits, it suggested the hollyburn skirt, but it only recommends wovens and all the reviewers online seem to have used wovens.

So, I would love some help to help me make this perfect blue skirt!

  • Has anyone used a knit fabric for a pattern intended for wovens? Did you have to make any changes?
  • Can you recommend a knit skirt pattern that is like (but not necessarily exactly like) a circle skirt? I’m terrible with self drafted patterns but that’s all Google will give me.

5 Responses to “Box bag, needle book, and trying to find a knit circle skirt pattern (!!)”

  1. Catherine 29/10/2018 at 06:54 #

    You have been quite productive! The skirt patterns look lovely, although I’m not a seamstress so can give no input into your current dilemma sorry!

    • Creative Saturdays 31/10/2018 at 13:48 #

      Thank you! It felt so good to get back into it. Next I think I’ll try some passport covers – until I work out the best pattern for that skirt 😊

  2. SnazzyBot 20/01/2019 at 21:21 #

    I love the blue fabric for a circle skirt! Circle skirts are so beautiful and flattering. Usually a knit skirt would have an elastic waist instead of a waistband, so I’d aim for a pattern that had an elastic waist and a drapey, flowy look to it. If you’re sure you don’t want to draft your own pattern, I wouldn’t hesitate to use the Simplicity 1200 with a knit if it has an elastic waist.

    • Creative Saturdays 27/01/2019 at 16:09 #

      Ah the elastic waist is a really good tip! I will look more into the pattern and try to find one with an elastic waist :-) thank you


  1. I acquired lots of patterns in 2018… In 2019 I’ll try to actually use them! | Creative Saturdays - 05/01/2019

    […] Skirt – Kwik sew k3637: I couldn’t find a stretch pattern for a circle type skirt (I asked here and noone could think of any either) so I bought this to try with my gorgeous blue stretch crepe. […]

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