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Teaching my sister to sew: another zipped purse/small bag attempt!

29 Dec

Every time I show my sister something I made, after her initial response (usually a compliment thankfully!!), she normally tells me that she wishes that she was able to sew. I think she did a little bit with a machine when she was a kid in primary school (up to 11 years old) but not since.

As we are both at our parents’ home for the break between Christmas and New Year, and I recently put my old sewing machine there, I decided to bring done fabric and show her how to make a small zipped bag.

I showed her the three tutorials to choose from (Melly Sews, Sew Me Happy, or Crazy Little Projects) and she chose Melly Sews, which is the one I used when I made a bag for my sister in law for Christmas (blog post here).

And it went much better than my last one did!

I think it helped that I used the zip that was the right length to begin with rather than shortening a longer one, so it had the softer ends.

I walked her through the tutorial, and helped her work out which bits to pin together and in which directions, but made her do the sewing machine bits all herself including reverse stitching and eventually turning corners. She did so well, and she loves it!

It took about an hour and a half including picking and cutting fabric, it went well :-)


Last bit of Christmas sewing: family aprons

24 Dec

I decided a while back to make matching aprons for my brother and sister-in-law and their kids. I finally got around to buying some fun cottons from Abakhan (as I couldn’t get into Goldhawk Road as I’ve not been too well) but unfortunately in between me placing the order and them dispatching it, they sold out of the apron pattern Kwik Sew K0255.

Stuck and with no idea how big to make an apron, I started searching for tutorials. I found the Sugar Bee Crafts adult tutorial, and shrunk it a lot for the kids. I didn’t follow the instructions for construction, and mine are less polished as a result, but I was too tired to follow them properly anyway. Maybe next time – hers do look much nicer!

They are much brighter than they look in these photos…

I really like them, modelled here by my sister. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to give them tomorrow :-)

[[Edit to add: I gave them to them all yesterday and despite an initial confused look, they seemed to love them. The kids instantly put them on and went to play with their toy kitchen 😍]]

I managed to cut my finger right where the nail meets the skin on my left index finger. I’m gutted as I think it means no sewing for a bit til my finger recovers! It’s my first ever proper sewing machine injury – ignoring occasional pin pricks and sore shoulders (one day I’ll improve my sewing posture…) I’m grateful it has taken this long and it isn’t too bad :-)

Merry Christmas!!

Liberty cushion covers – my first time making a lapped zipper

24 Dec

My sister wanted some green, brown, or blue cushion covers for her living room. To make it a nice treat as a gift, I decided to use nice weight liberty fabric (150gsm): I chose the English garden green dot, and the English garden blue leafy trail.

Next, I decided to try a lapped zip. I was terrible at this when I did it on a dress, so I sought a tutorial. This one from the little black duck is perfect – I cannot recommend it enough.

She already has the cushions so I can only give a flat photo got now till she receives them and gets them home and on the cushions.

This photo is of the side with the lapped zippers! I’m so happy with the finish

This fabric was so so so nice to work with – I should treat myself to it sometime!

Zippered pouch – I still can’t get a neat top!

15 Dec

I thought I’d make a little zippered pouch to put my sister in law’s Christmas present in, and so followed the tutorial by Melly Sews – loads of people seem to have found it gives them a nice neat top but even though I unpicked it three times I still got this big curve instead of a nice straight top. I watched the video and used the written tutorial but think I’m misunderstanding something :|

Still, I think she’ll like it, I love the colours and the contrast zip

But… How do you get neat tops?!