Liberty cushion covers – my first time making a lapped zipper

24 Dec

My sister wanted some green, brown, or blue cushion covers for her living room. To make it a nice treat as a gift, I decided to use nice weight liberty fabric (150gsm): I chose the English garden green dot, and the English garden blue leafy trail.

Next, I decided to try a lapped zip. I was terrible at this when I did it on a dress, so I sought a tutorial. This one from the little black duck is perfect – I cannot recommend it enough.

She already has the cushions so I can only give a flat photo got now till she receives them and gets them home and on the cushions.

This photo is of the side with the lapped zippers! I’m so happy with the finish

This fabric was so so so nice to work with – I should treat myself to it sometime!


3 Responses to “Liberty cushion covers – my first time making a lapped zipper”


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