I acquired lots of patterns in 2018… In 2019 I’ll try to actually use them!

5 Jan

I’ve loved reading all the 2018 reviews and plans for 2019, and it has inspired me to try to have a 2019 that I’m proud of :-)

2018 has been a mixed year for me – I had some health issues that meant I had less energy for sewing (and also had to go part-time at work), and some family issues alongside it. But, I bought a new sewing machine (Singer 4423) to cheer myself up and made some of my favourite items ever. It was mostly non-clothes though:

There’s the doorway puppet theatre that my niece and nephew absolutely loved

And finally working on lapped cushion zippers, that went so well I can’t wait to make another!

And a dress that, while I may replace the top half with a slightly smaller version from the same fabric, and redo the hem, I have worn it loads and absolutely love it.

So…. What for 2019? I have got more into expanding my wardrobe in the last few months, so feel I ready to start trying in earnest to create a me-made wardrobe. I recently bought some new patterns – some from charity shops, some because they were on sale and I neeready Ied to spend another few quid to reach “free delivery”. Which means that, despite only completing two, I now have 11, nine of which I have my eye on for this year…

  • 1. Dress – New Look 6495: this is the one I made and loved. I bought it without much thought while in Hobbycraft with my mum, and was so surprised to love it! I’d love to try and work out how to make short sleeves to make it more work appropriate. Any suggestions?
  • 2. Dress – Sewaholic Cambie: I got this a couple of years ago, cut out a toile, got a bit ill and put on weight, then realised the toile wouldn’t fit any more and lost motivation. But this is so popular that I should come back to it in 2019!
  • 3. Dress – New Look 6431: I made this but it was far too large. I tried to make a toile of the torso but it wasn’t quite right so I need to try again. Something from 2019!
  • 4. Dress – Kwik Sew k4123: this is a nice dress that I hope I can make to fit my odd curves! I love the short sleeves and have a fabric in mind…
  • 5. Dress – Simplicity 4070: this is a more formal dress, I think I bought it to make something to wear to a friend’s wedding but didn’t have the energy to make something in the end. I’m attending another wedding in 2019 so I might make this – I’d like the version with the straps, and not too formal, so let’s see what I manage to find. I might have to look up examples that others have made!
  • 6. Dress – Simplify k8292: a charity shop find, I loved the sleeves on this! View B (or D) seems more my style and I’d have to be careful to fit it well to my waist, or my bust and hips could take over – I’ll have to try a toile first!
  • 7. Dress – Simplicity k8543: as my size varies across my shoulders/chest/waist/hips, I have been intrigued by the “Amazing Fit” patterns for a while. I think View C could look nice on me so I’m excited to try it!
  • 8. Top – Simplicity 1280: another one I cut out a toile for before putting on weight, I lost motivation on this one. But I love the design and hope to get back motivation to try it properly in 2019 :-)
  • 9. Skirt – Kwik sew k3637: I couldn’t find a stretch pattern for a circle type skirt (I asked here and noone could think of any either) so I bought this to try with my gorgeous blue stretch crepe. The fabric was about £4/m so it’s not too bad if it goes wrong.
  • Skirt – New Look k6327: I bought this from a charity shop without realising it’s an elastic waist – so I may never use it, if I don’t use it in 2019 I’ll re donate it…
  • PJs – McCall’s 3434: I saw this in a charity shop and figured I might want to make my own dressing gown to replace my current one that’s falling to bits, but won’t pressure myself to!

I also have a toile for Marfy 1913 and hope I’ll get around to making a proper one this year but only if I can adjust the toile to fit well.

So my clothes target for this year is summarised in a picture:

Aside from clothes, a few things I’d like to achieve sewing-wise this year are:

  • Get my old singer machine serviced
  • Sort out my sewing stuff and use up some of my stash to make a potential move later in 2019 easier.
  • Make a purse with a coin slot, card slots, and a notes pouch.
  • Make a weighted pin cushion
  • Finish off as many UFOs as I can, so they aren’t being transported with pins etc when I move.
  • Mend the zip on my boots, that broke three years ago…

So I’m ambitious but I won’t be hard on myself if I don’t manage it, as it’s a busy year and I’m still not back to perfect health. But now I have lots of great targets to aim for to keep me focused and give me a wardrobe I really want – RTW isn’t working for my newer shape very well so I’d love to learn to make things that really flatter it.


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