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A weekend of cooking: roasting, baking, and a touch of tapas

27 May

My family are away for the Bank holiday, so instead of sitting in my room sewing I thought I’d take advantage of an empty kitchen! Unfortunately I was unable to get any pictures so I’ve included the recipes’ ones :(

Honey-roast gammon
Cauliflower cheese

Gordon Ramsay’s honey glazed roast gammon: recipe here

I like Gordon’s glaze, if you add some vegetables (including those with which the gammon was boiled) in the dish with the gammon while roasting then you get some tender, tasty veg. Not too much though, as the glaze makes them quite sweet.

If your gammon isn’t Gordon’s expected 2kg, boil for 20mins per 500g (or 1lb) and the same time in the oven.

BBC GoodFood’s cauliflower cheese: recipe here

I love a good cauliflower cheese! I tried it with half-and-half cauliflower and broccoli which worked well and added a bit more flavour and colour. I tried to halve the recipe but it didn’t make enough sauce…

Cold gammon sandwiches (add a thin layer of mustard)
Spanish garlic prawns

BBC’s Hairy Bikers’s spanish garlic prawns: recipe here

I had brunch with friends so was NOT hungry for dinner time, for which I’d planned a fish pie. This dish, with some toasted wholemeal bread, makes a perfect small supper.

I use dried chillies to make it medium ‘hotness’, which I think was less hot than the recipe – so beware to alter the recipe if you are more a Kurma person than a Madras!

I love this dish; I’ll definitely include it if I ever decide to take the plunge and try making several tapas dishes – everything can be prepared in advance then just dumped on the hob for 10 minutes :)

Vegetable soup
Fishcakes (smoked salmon and cod)
Chocolate brownies

Time to use up that leftover stock from the roast gammon: sautéed leeks carrots onion, M&S dried pulse mix (soaked overnight), a dash of chicken gravy granules, basil, pepper. Lovely, and very filling, though I’ll maybe leave the cinammon out of the gammon recipe next time..

Another light dinner to use up the fish pie ingredients: oat-coated salmon and cod fishcakes :)

Summer Island Food’s smoked salmon fishcakes: recipe here

I decided to halve the 250g of fish between smoked salmon trimmings and a cod fillet. Smoked salmon trimmings are about £1 for 100g from supermarkets, and are great for loads of recipes if you aren’t fussy about looks.

I seasoned the mix with fairly boring pepper, lemon juice, and chives. Next time I’ll add some chillies! Beware not to add butter and milk to the mash or it will make the mixture too soft.

Lesley Water's chocolate brownies: recipe here

Lesley Water’s chocolate brownies: recipe here

Chocolate brownie! I love the marbled brownies from BBC GoodFood but they are extravagantly rich and use a LOT of chocolate. This recipe uses coffee and cocoa powder to add flavour, using only 40g of solid chocolate.

Whereas the marbled brownies need well over an hour in the oven, these need just half an hour, and aren’t too rich at all.

So there you are, lots of cooking and even more washing up! It would perhaps have been more creative without recipes, but it was fun and de-stressing which was the whole point of the projects behind this blog.

How have you been using your bank holiday weekend?