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Fathers’ day forever friends cross stitch card

15 Jun


I love doing cross stitch while travelling by air (including the transfer and queuing) as it’s nice to feel the time has been productive and its less annoying to have to pause than reading a book!

This was dad’s fathers day card :-) gave it to him with a CD from one of his favourite bands (Rush) and some liquorice all sorts which he was happy with :-)


WIP Cross-stitch, and transporting a sewing machine

13 Apr

Can you tell what it is yet?

So, it’s coming along nicely!  Should be finished well in time for the occasion,  which will be revealed!

Now, about my sewing machine… my friend just got a new house and has got a dining table with wooden benches and wants me to make foam cushion tops for it, which is quite exciting as it would be my biggest project yet :) BUT she lives on the other side of the country and doesn’t have a sewing machine…. how safe is it to bung my Singer (tradition) into a suitcase with a couple of layers of clothes around it so it is snug and head off? getting the train and really don’t want to damage it!

Why it’s worth paying more for cross stitch kits…

9 Apr

They separate the threads so you don’t need to spend hours working it out, and even longer unpicking your work in the wrong colour later! Looking forward to starting this – just a sneak peek for now!


Does this show up as huge on screen as it does in my post editor? First post from my phone!

Mother’s day cross-stitch (take II)

30 Mar

So… if you saw my previous post, you will know that it was Not Going Well. Well, it didn’t get much better. It was from’s magazine, and had seven shades of brown all with rather ridiculous names and arrived in a bundle so were hard to sort. Even looking up the DMC charts online didn’t help.

So, Friday night I gave up, decided to buy new floss and aida for that one and try it for mum’s birthday later in the year.

And I tried a new one. Ed Hedghog from CrossStich magazine, probably would have been a two-day job if I had the time but instead it was more of a ‘very late night’ job, which I am sure won’t be my last for this blog..!

Here he is all ready to be mounted :)

Here he is all ready to be mounted :)

It was the first time that I have done ‘blended’ stitching, and I found myself lining up all the threads in the same order so that I couldn’t get lost at all. Each time I pinned one of them to the aida to continue with another colour, I jotted down an arrow and its symbol so I couldn’t get lost. I refused to make the same mistake that wasted three evenings of stitching last week!

My big tip: if you are prone to getting lost while doing a cross stitch, there is a cheap way to keep track without ruining your pattern. Use a plastic wallet (one of the A4 ones used in ring binders) and a whiteboard/drywipe pen. I just coloured over each square as I did it (well often in groups of 5-10) and I didn’t lose track :)

Now, it came with a little mount however no frame/card, so again I tried to be resourceful – I used the pink card from one of those separators used in ring binders. I never throw them away as they come in handy so often without having to buy whole packs of card separately! Anyway, here it is mounted:

Backed and ready to give :)

Backed and ready to give :)

I was rather happy with it, and my mum was very pleased too! Along with the bunch of flowers freshly gathered at the florists.

I hope you all managed to get your mothers’ gifts right first time! 

And to finish off – here’s a photo of the back. I heard it should look like the front and I don’t think it is too bad :)

Recognisable from behind!

Recognisable from behind!


Mothers’ day creating

27 Mar

So my Mother’s day cross-stitch is going far more slowly – given that it is this coming Sunday 30th (in the UK anyway)!

I’ve had to unpick so much as I thought it would be a good idea to try it on an aeroplane – without good lighting it is very easy to mis-read the pattern though… eek.

It will be worth the late nights if I manage to finish it on time though :)

I won’t post a sneak peek in case she sees this… I’ll obviously post it on Sunday/Monday :)

How are all your Mother’s Day projects going?

Cross-stitch: Father’s Day card

11 Jun

(Late post, it’s been a bit of a hectic weekend making arrangements for the new job!)

I wanted to cross-stitch my dad a nice Father’s day card, but I couldn’t find any that were both appropriate and would arrive in time for the weekend just gone. I might keep a eye out for a tatty teddy or something one next year. I chose this fairly simple one with a pretty border around some writing:

Free Father's Day chart from You Sew Should

Free Father’s Day chart from You Sew Should

It really didn’t take very long at all, probably about 5-6 hours in all – I like projects which can be done in a day :)

His favourite colours are red, white, and blue, making thread selection easy!

The border done :)

The border done :)

I couldn’t find a card with a 3×4″ hole in it, in which I wanted to display the finished piece. Instead I got a 4×5″ plain card from Paperchase and did some not-very-straight cutting out to make a window, and taped it in:

The card all ready to be put in the envelope, nice and simple :)

The card all ready to be put in the envelope, nice and simple :)

The back of my cross-stitch  - I want to show off how neat it is!

The back of my cross-stitch – I want to show off how neat it is!

Are you giving your dad something handmade this Father’s Day?

A catalogue of thread – WAGH! And a simple cross stitch

3 Jun

Yesterday it was impossible to know which patterns’ I had appropriate colours for! I have my mum’s (full) “Anchor stranded cotton” organiser, but it wasn’t clear whether numbers were DMC or Anchor – some didn’t even have any! I decided it would help long-term to just spend a while writing/googling. Fun fun fun….

It didn’t take as long as I thought so I tried a little pattern found on Shona’s Place:


A really easy pattern for cross stitch or crochet, from Shona’s Place

I did it on white Aida (14 count) and it is really small so didn’t fit even in my tiny 4″ embroidery hoop properly! I also had to keep unpicking whole sections because of silly little mistakes but it still didn’t take too long at all – probably around half an hour for each section.


Using Anchor 45 / DMC 814 (Dark Garnet) with a (‘snow’) white blanket stitch

I tried to add a blanket stitch around the edge to prevent bad fraying, but managed to make it worse in some places – definitely need to practise! The corners are particularly awful, how is one supposed to negotiate corners with a blanket stitch on Aida?? :S