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It did not rain on Mary Jane (embroidery)

12 May

It did not rain on Mary Jane
for she had a huuuuuge umbrella!

On the recommendation of Auntie Pippa I decided to try out a little embroidery pattern from LiliPopo. I chose Mary Jane because I thought she was adorable! Except for a new hoop and needles, the pattern was the only cost incurred as I had a piece of fabric and plenty of floss – yay :D

I was really keen to start so didn’t wait to get a proper transfer pen so used an old nail white pencil which should come out in a cool wash easily! It made it all a bit harder as I had lines which were rough and thick, and I was a bit worried the finished thing would be very messy as a result…

Using a nail white pencil to trace onto linen straight from a computer... not the prettiest result!

Nail white pencil + computer screen = not neat!

I love blues/beach tones and am not very keen on earth tones  so I spent a lot of timetime choosing my floss out of my mother’s old box! It was made even harder by choosing to use a navy piece of linen as the fabric – as I now had to pick a colour for her face…

It probably took me about 15 hours in total but I am a complete amateur and did it over several days and while multitasking so not sure… but it is my first ever free-stitch embroidery :) It only used backstitch and split stitch but it helped me to get a good feel for basic handling of floss by the end, I think.

All finished :)

All finished :)

Colours used (DMC): hair 433, skin 407, umbrella 826 (outside – inside is unknown), dress 611. The fabric is a navy linen from a sale!

I have already planned what to do with it, and pre-cut the fabric to fit – but it will remain a secret til I have my sewing machine… watch this space!

This is a 12cm embroidery hoop, for scale!

This is a 12cm embroidery hoop, for scale!

P.S. Do check out LiliPopo’s blog and etsy shop – there’s a load of cute patterns and she also sells some nice finished items – it’d be nice to see what anyone else has done with her patterns. Future embroidery suggestions are also welcome as I have a newfound love for it :)

Edit: on the recommendation of Megan via the comments (whose awesome cooking/sewing blog is here) I decided to put together a little slideshow of the photos I took along the way! I also made a template so I can quickly create new ones :)


What to make?! (& hand sewing)

1 May

I thought an easy way to spur myself on is to try and think in advance of what I want to do rather than waiting until something pops up! My boyfriend told me after I completed my cross stitch that it’d be cool if I did one without a pattern – I think I will need to practice some more before I can do that though…

So I now have a “pipeline” page where I will put all of things which I am thinking of making (generally links to tutorials) so please visit it here if you are interested :)

I don’t have a sewing machine yet, so any hand-sewing suggestions would be so so appreciated please please please!