Here’s a summary of my completed projects, with links to the relevant blog post. I really love watching this page grow!

Sewing kit bag with matching needle book

20140914 Sewing kit_bag WordPress Flickr

Laundry bag


Hooded personalised kids’ towels

Matching kindle cover and eye mask




Purse with card slots, coin zip, and space for notes


No-pattern eye mask

Baby’s pillowcase

20140902 Baby_pillowcase_wordpress

Baby quilt with fleece backing


Teddy fabric coaster / mug rug

2014.08.16 Teddy Mug Rug side A

Mini sewing kit

2014.05.18 EllisSewingKit_open

Passport covers

Dad's and Mum's

Drawstring pouch
drawstring pouch

Plastic bag holders

Floral coin purse

Floral Coin Purse (1).jpg


Cross stitch – Xmas bear

Father’s day crossstitch

Simple crossstitch

Crossstitch – mothers’ day
Backed and ready to give :)

Embroidery – mary jane

This is her in a 12cm embroidery hoop, for scale!

Useful techniques


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