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Necklaces made from ‘Swarovski element’ beads

4 May

I’m away this weekend so instead here’s some of my past ‘work’!

A couple of years ago I was daunted by the challenge of buying a present for my brother’s fiancé’s birthday… eep! Having met her, I learned the colours she liked and her style and decided to try to make a necklace for her! I found a local bead shop and bought
– gorgeous Swarovski element beads, plus mini filler beads
– ‘thread’ (was the wire stuff, in hindsight a bad move) and clasps
– cute little “made with love” heart-shaped pendants
– jewellery-making pliers etc and a bead mat!

As you can gather from that last item, this was my first ever attempt at making jewellery!  Using the Swarovski beads rather than cheaper cut ones increased the cost as I wasn’t organised enough to buy them online in advance… oops. I decided to make two and get my brother to choose the better one for her (he chose the blue, she loved it, and was surprised/flattered when she found I’d made it). Here they are:

2011.08.13 Jewellery - Pink and purple necklace close-up

I chose to  put the beads on randomely – I thought it would look nicer that way but I admit it went against all my instincts of being organised!

2011.08.13 Jewellery - Blue necklace in box

The winning necklace, hooray! The colours just happened to match what she was wearing, lucky…

I’d say how I made them but I can’t really remember – there were no websites, books, or YouTube videos involved, just me doing whatever felt like it’d work! It was my sister’s birthday a couple of weeks later, so my mum wanted me to make one to match a dress she’d bought, so here’s number 3:

You can see the "made with love" pendant almost here!

You can see my shoddy finishing here! She even wears it to sixth form :D

And my fourth attempt is my personal favourite, made for a friend who has a wardrobe that is probably 70% red. I went for slightly larger beads and a different type of clasp this time:

2012.01.23 Camilla's 21st Necklace 2

Red…. duh! A little thicker and shorter this time.

I’ve not attempted any more necklaces since then, but I did find a bunch of beads stowed away waiting ready for a bracelet – watch this space! It was so easy to make them, albeit not with quite the right method, that I am definitely going to give my local bead shop another visit soon :)

Do you make jewellery for yourself or for gifts? I’m looking to add some more colour to my own jewellery box!


What to make?! (& hand sewing)

1 May

I thought an easy way to spur myself on is to try and think in advance of what I want to do rather than waiting until something pops up! My boyfriend told me after I completed my cross stitch that it’d be cool if I did one without a pattern – I think I will need to practice some more before I can do that though…

So I now have a “pipeline” page where I will put all of things which I am thinking of making (generally links to tutorials) so please visit it here if you are interested :)

I don’t have a sewing machine yet, so any hand-sewing suggestions would be so so appreciated please please please!