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New sewing machine: Singer ‘Traditional’ [2250]

4 Aug

My sewing machine!

After a two month hiatus from this blog (my new job kept me quite occupied, as have interviews for other jobs..!) I finally took the plunge and bought myself this basic 10-stitch Singer from Argos (£119.99).



Back and front (on paper, but comes out the same on thin polycotton)

After taking 10 minutes to work out how to completely thread it, I tried sewing in a straight line…. it didn’t go well. So apparently I can’t do a running stitch. I tried one of the zig-zag patterns which came out well but the running stitch was really tight at the front and really loose at the back…

What am I doing wrong? I can’t tell if it is the tension, the pedal speed, moving the fabric, or if it is threaded incorrectly! :(