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WIP: My first quilt – one step to go!

26 Jul

I’m one step away from finishing my first quilt! Just the binding left to go.

Only the binding left to do!

Only the binding left to do!

I am not sure if you can see properly but as well as the horizontal lines in the off-white strips I’ve done a sort of square zig-zag through the patterned rows.

I promise to post a whole host of close-ups and better pictures once I have completely finished it!

The pattern is from ohfrannson, but it doesn’t contain any instructions on how to quilt, quite reasonably since there are loads of tutorials and tips on the internet! Nonetheless this left me a bit too scared to quilt, but having my first completely free weekend for a while which is likely to be my last for another long while, I decided to just get on with it!

I bought a walking foot from eBay, and used the instructions from justquilty to attach it to my machine – the instructions are SO simple I would definitely recommend it to anyone else struggling to install their walking foot. Also, mine was a reasonably cheap (~£10) one rather than the £30 Singer one, and it seems to work just fine! I absolutely adore the walking foot, and can see myself using it for other projects now too :)

Next up – the binding. Eep! I am slightly terrified by this, as anyone who saw the mess I made of my Sorbetto will understand. I think this time I will buy the real stuff, from John Lewis or a reliable eBay/etsy store, rather than what I have now discovered was a cheap and uneven version (which I bought from an Indian fabric store in Ilford, East London).

Does anyone have any tips for the binding? I don’t know what thickness of binding I should use, or whether I should try rounded or mitred corners? I would be very grateful for any advice – hopefully I’ll get some time in the next couple of weeks to pop to JL and maybe even to actually tackle the binding :)

I feel like I have learned so much already working on this quilt. I have more of an appreciation for consistent seam allowances, and the usefulness of a walking foot, and that it is sometimes necessary to manually walk the machine through a few stitches, and that you should definitely check the bobbin occasionally to avoid horrendous moments when you run out of thread at the start of a metre-long line and don’t realise until the end. I think this won’t be my last ever quilt :)


WIP: My first patchwork quilt front :)

22 Jul

My first patchwork quilt front! Or patchwork anything! Sorry for the blurriness – need a new camera

I made my first patchwork! It has taken me far too long to get this far, but the quilt front is now ready to be quilted with the batting and fleece backing I bought ages ago.

Now to work out

(1) how to use my walking foot (not to mention how to install it)

(2) how to do the lines for the quilting

It is coming together :) The baby is due in eight weeks so there is time :)

New sewing equipment!

13 May

I’ve bought myself some new treats! These are: Fiskar’s 45mm rotary cutter, Fiskar’s 30.5×45.7cm self-healing cutting mat, a metal ruler, a walking foot for my sewing machine, and this lovely tape to act as tags:


I’ll pick the rotary cutter and mat up from my local Waitrose tomorrow (I love Click and Collect from John Lewis!!) and the rest should arrive in the post soon :D I am really keen to get started on this quilt this weekend! I plan to make the Charm Squares quilt from Oh, Frannson!

Though this is all adding up  – sewing is an expensive hobby!


Baby quilt: with fleece? Help!

24 Apr

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I’ve only made a handful of items with my sewing machine,

My sister-in-law is due to have a baby in September, and I have decided to make a quilt. They don’t want to know the sex of the baby until the day, so the baby’s room will be beige.

I have this fabric (the beige) and have also bought a metre of a beige fleece to go with it.


From alwaysknittingandsewing.co.uk (click to go to it)

Now my problem is that there are fleece-backed blanket tutorials, but no fleece-backed quilt tutorials. Has anyone used fleece to back a quilt?

Should I still use batting?

How should I adjust a quilt tutorial to suit a fleece backing?

I think I may be out of my depth, please tell me I am wrong!