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Scrappy bunting!

5 Sep

My sister-in-law asked me for some bunting for the church’s small hall for kids’ parties – a great opportunity to delve into my fabric stash!!


The church hall is 5-6m wide, so I made the bunting about 8m (for the string I took 8 strips of 2″ wide fabric, the width of the fabric, so it’s probably a bit longer than 8m) so it will have a nice amount left over for the drapey look. It took the equivalent of 5 fat quarters plus 8m*5cm for the ‘string’ (I turned it into bias binding).

I love that it’s made with all the leftover fabrics from my previous projects for the family – aprons, hooded towels, beanbags (2), and not for them but my very first sewing project, a purse I gave my mum! It brings back lovely memories of making and giving those gifts as well as being a fun sewing project by itself :)

Then as a little extra gift, I made her a set of reusable cotton wool pads, with a fat quarter by ‘kimono’  (it’s such gooooorgeous fabric) and some leftover fleece. I’ve been using mine for a while and she seemed interested in some, so I hope she likes them! I also made this little envelope pouches to keep/wash them in.


I wouldn’t normally have given her the ‘botched’ ones but here I figured they are fine as ones to use with anything that will stain (i.e. nail varnish remover!)

This was my first sewing project after a rough summer (a break up after 8 years, so I am back living with my parents and less space to sew!) so it was lovely to start with a simple but really satisfying project that will get plenty of use :)


A thwarted attempt at sewing

20 May

There’s a good reason this week’s post is so late, I promise! I failed to complete a project this weekend :( BUT I learned a new technique – paper piecing- which I am keen to try again sometime.

I was browsing sewdaily.com and found a guide entitled “Tips on how to sew by hand”. You can find it on this page, though you have to register (for free) to download it. I thought it was perfect, as I like sewing but don’t have my machine at present.

As a nice, small, project, I chose the Hexagon coaster. It is also a really good way to use up scraps!


Photo taken from sewdaily.com

So I find some appropriately sized scraps hanging around my house, and set off. I I always make sure I have everything before I start, ‘mis en place’ being something I learned to follow religiously through cooking!

Everything (supposedly) that I would need.

Everything (supposedly) that I would need…

An hour and a half of paper piecing, bastes, whip stitches, and pressing later, I’ve finished step 9 and am feeling I have made ok progress considering it’s my first paper piecing ever.


You can see my sloppy piecing here :(

Step 10: “machine stitch…” AAAAARGH I didn’t pick up on that when I skim-read the steps! So much for mis-en-place :(

It’ll have to stay like this for a little while! I hope to get a new machine really soon. I have an ever-increasing backlog of items to finish off when I get it :S