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New sewing machine – Singer 4423 (heavy duty)

26 Sep

I got myself a new sewing machine last month. I am still a fairly light sewer but I had a few reasons for wanting a new machine.


First, I had been thinking for a while about buying a second, cheaper machine to leave at my parents’ house so that my parents and my sister in law (who lives bearby) can use it, and I can have one for when I am home for Christmas etc. since I don’t drive. But, I figured rather than spending money on a cheap and low quality new one for that purpose, maybe I could buy a new one for ME and retire my Singer Tradition 2250 into that role?

Second, even though my Singer 2250 still works ok, I got it five years ago when I didn’t want to spend too much as I wanted to see if I liked sewing. After five years, it’s fair to say this hobby is worth the money! So I feel I can justify a machine with a few more features, like:

  • A top-loaded bobbin (it’s so good to be able to see the bobbin emptying!)
  • A sturdier construction – my old one bounced about the table so much things would fall off the table in the vibrations.
  • Three needle positions
  • Space for a second spool of thread
  • A bunch of stretch stitches
  • One step button hole
  • Super fast stitching for using the zig zag stitch to enclose seams

None of these are drastic, but together make for a more pleasant experience!

And finally, I had a tough month with stress, illness, and bereavement, so felt an urge to splurge on something to cheer me up a bit!

I found that learning to use my singer 4423 helped to keep my mind off everything that was going on, and meant I got lots of birthday presents sewn up!

I got an ex-showroom model from singerdirect.co.uk so it only ended up costing about £200, and I am so happy! 😊

How did you decide when to upgrade, and what were your main desires in your upgrade machine? I am fully aware that this will not be my final machine purchase…



New sewing equipment!

13 May

I’ve bought myself some new treats! These are: Fiskar’s 45mm rotary cutter, Fiskar’s 30.5×45.7cm self-healing cutting mat, a metal ruler, a walking foot for my sewing machine, and this lovely tape to act as tags:


I’ll pick the rotary cutter and mat up from my local Waitrose tomorrow (I love Click and Collect from John Lewis!!) and the rest should arrive in the post soon :D I am really keen to get started on this quilt this weekend! I plan to make the Charm Squares quilt from Oh, Frannson!

Though this is all adding up  – sewing is an expensive hobby!


WIP Cross-stitch, and transporting a sewing machine

13 Apr

Can you tell what it is yet?

So, it’s coming along nicely!  Should be finished well in time for the occasion,  which will be revealed!

Now, about my sewing machine… my friend just got a new house and has got a dining table with wooden benches and wants me to make foam cushion tops for it, which is quite exciting as it would be my biggest project yet :) BUT she lives on the other side of the country and doesn’t have a sewing machine…. how safe is it to bung my Singer (tradition) into a suitcase with a couple of layers of clothes around it so it is snug and head off? getting the train and really don’t want to damage it!

Sewing machine update…

12 Sep

I finally found someone who owns a sewing machine to watch me thread my machine, they instantly found how I was incorrectly threading the lower thread – it’s still not coming out perfectly but almost! Hopefully it will be worth this time getting used to how it ticks before flying into a project – I’ll get more frustrated if something goes wrong when I get started on a project!

New sewing machine: Singer ‘Traditional’ [2250]

4 Aug

My sewing machine!

After a two month hiatus from this blog (my new job kept me quite occupied, as have interviews for other jobs..!) I finally took the plunge and bought myself this basic 10-stitch Singer from Argos (£119.99).



Back and front (on paper, but comes out the same on thin polycotton)

After taking 10 minutes to work out how to completely thread it, I tried sewing in a straight line…. it didn’t go well. So apparently I can’t do a running stitch. I tried one of the zig-zag patterns which came out well but the running stitch was really tight at the front and really loose at the back…

What am I doing wrong? I can’t tell if it is the tension, the pedal speed, moving the fabric, or if it is threaded incorrectly! :(

A new job! sewing machine should follow shortly…

5 Jun

Ive just been offered a short-term public sector job which is likely to turn into a longer-term deal, which may well lead me into exactly the area I want to be in! It is very exciting because it means that on my first payday I can reward myself with a shiny new sewing machine!

My local sewing shop sells a basic Janome for £99 which I am considering, especially as it comes with a 2y guarantee and means supporting a local firm.

Does anyone have any better recommendations? Basically a beginner’s machine is all I want!

A thwarted attempt at sewing

20 May

There’s a good reason this week’s post is so late, I promise! I failed to complete a project this weekend :( BUT I learned a new technique – paper piecing- which I am keen to try again sometime.

I was browsing sewdaily.com and found a guide entitled “Tips on how to sew by hand”. You can find it on this page, though you have to register (for free) to download it. I thought it was perfect, as I like sewing but don’t have my machine at present.

As a nice, small, project, I chose the Hexagon coaster. It is also a really good way to use up scraps!


Photo taken from sewdaily.com

So I find some appropriately sized scraps hanging around my house, and set off. I I always make sure I have everything before I start, ‘mis en place’ being something I learned to follow religiously through cooking!

Everything (supposedly) that I would need.

Everything (supposedly) that I would need…

An hour and a half of paper piecing, bastes, whip stitches, and pressing later, I’ve finished step 9 and am feeling I have made ok progress considering it’s my first paper piecing ever.


You can see my sloppy piecing here :(

Step 10: “machine stitch…” AAAAARGH I didn’t pick up on that when I skim-read the steps! So much for mis-en-place :(

It’ll have to stay like this for a little while! I hope to get a new machine really soon. I have an ever-increasing backlog of items to finish off when I get it :S