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Doorway puppet theatre!

5 Sep

I made this doorway puppet theatre as a joint gift for my niece (2) and nephew (4). They already have a few hand puppets so I hope they will enjoy playing with this!

I used the tutorial from Crafty Cupboard but published on Skip To My Lou. I thought it looked so good that I stuck as closely to the original design as I could – unfortunately a little while ago I gave away a couple of fat quarters of a very similar to the red curtains, but I recently bought this black crepe with a nice subtle textured pattern that is a nice substitute. All the fabric is from Goldhawk Road, and the trimmings are from eBay. My only changes were that I used lots of velcro. First I made the curtain ties velcro.

I then made the stripy fabric much longer than the trialtut suggests (using the full yard I bought). Then I added a strip of the rough side of velcro close to the hem. I added a strip of the soft side of velcro just under the stage opening, and another two evenly spaced between that and the bottom (about 13″ spaces) so that the kids can choose which height they want it at. This is on the middle soft strip of velcro. At full length the whole thing is almost the full height of a doorway.

I really hope they enjoy it! It was very fiddly to make and with all the stripes and dots my eyes struggled a bit at the start when measuring, but it was all ok once I started doing hems and seams.

Now to see if I can find some hand puppet tutorials – recommendations welcome :-)